Serah Muindi is the Founder of Hopewell Counseling Firm an organization focused on providing mental health care services for the African man, woman and child. Since it’s launch, Hopewell has provided mental health care services to 1000+ adults and youth within Kenya.

Serah Muindi is a Licensed Counseling Psychologist with 8 years’ experience working with issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, work life balance and addiction. Over her 8 years of experience, she has worked with over 100 individuals in both one on one and group counseling. She has published an article with Scivion Publishers and has been covered by Standard, a local newspaper giving her views on issues around mental health. She is an awardee of the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship 2019, a 6 week Leadership in Public Management training in the United States.

Her interests in the empowerment and support of young people has led her to work with individuals and private organizations to equip their staff with the skills and support necessary for their improved productivity . She is currently running an event and social media campaign called “Silent Tears” to create awareness on mental health and illnesses like depression targeting men and women in the workplace and the youth.

She volunteers for Here for You, an e-counseling platform that provides mental health care services and support for career women. She also volunteers for Faraja Cancer Support that provides life skills training and counseling to patients with terminal and life threatening illnesses.