About Us

About Us

“Every time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

Maya Angelou

For us at HereForYou Africa, we are building a tribe where every African woman in business and professional career can access the help they need in dealing with emotional and mental health issues.

By being a member, you have access to the right support, information, care, and tools from some of the world’s highly certified emotional and mental healthcare specialists.
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Who we are

The African woman is known to endure so much. Sadly, society, culture, and the burden of being an African woman expect her not to speak out but to take everything in good fate. The consequence of this is that a lot of African women bottle up their emotional and mental struggles for fear of being misunderstood, judged, labelled, or laughed at.

The greater effect of this is that a lot of African women today are living in frustration, fear, silent desperation, doubt, anger, or generally far less than their innate potentials, yet not having a place where they can freely share their pains and get the professional help they deserve.

At HereForYou Africa, we are on a mission to fix this problem.

Our story is that of an online community of highly passionate women committed to providing a safe space for African women to access the right help, support, and tools they need to rise above their various emotional and mental health issues.

We believe by helping African women access timely help in a non-judgmental, environment, together we will be building a continent where African women can feel safe and empowered to be all they want to be.


To become a leading online emotional and mental healthcare platform focused on African women.


To provide a safe space that empowers every woman in Africa to live an emotional and mentally balanced lifestyle.


Create a community where African women can connect, share, and access support.
Break every stigma about emotional and mental health amongst women in Africa.
Connect African women to the right professional help.
Provide a platform for exchange of ideas, tools, and information on mental health.
Offer a safe space where African women can share their voice and fulfill their dreams.

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Sharing your pains with the right people is known to be an effective process to finding solutions. We have made it easy for you to share your emotional or mental healthcare needs with those qualified enough to answer all your questions.


Meet our team of leaders always here to serve you

Mrs Gbubemi Omatseye
Founder and CEO

Gbubemi Omatseye is the founder of Here For You Africa?a fast-growing community of women, mental health professionals and experts committed to helping every African woman achieve and sustain good emotional and mental health.As an entrepreneur, running thriving businesses back in .

Expert Panelist

Serah Muindi is the Founder of Hopewell Counseling Firm an organization focused on providing mental health care services for the African man, woman and child. Since it’s launch, Hopewell has provided mental health care services to 1000+ adults and youth within Kenya.

Ms Rita Edah MBACP
Expert Panelist

Counsellor | Psychotherapist | Coach
I work with my clients to work through the mental/emotional blocks keeping them stuck and distressed.
I also work with couples or adult family members.